Lelis K. Brito,
You Change Me

You Change Me is a dance that mutates through different bodies, celebrates the Rondo neighborhood, and flows in dance caravans through the neighborhood bringing dance nourishment. This virtual and in-person project starts with one dancer sharing a dance with 5 dancers who change it, record themselves doing the dance in Rondo/Frogtown and share it with 5 other dancers. It ends with 30 dancers recording dances in the neighborhood, mapping the landscape through dance. These dances will be compiled into a video collage shown online. 

You Change Me kicks off the first night of Northern Spark (Saturday, June 12th) with a dance party for all bodies, capacities, ages, and backgrounds. People will get to know each other, dance together, and then take a dance walk through the neighborhood, visiting neighborhood hotspots and ending up at Victoria Theater Art Center and Springboard for the Arts where we dance, socialize, and celebrate coming together. We are changed from body to body, and from interacting with each other. You Change Me celebrates this alchemy.

Lelis Brito is a Venezuelan-American theater director, choreographer, educator, performer, and director of the Center for Moving Cultures. CMC advocates for tactile/kin-aesthetic knowledge in education and cultural transmission. As an artist, Brito has performed locally and internationally, creating over 70 original works, varying from 6 minutes to 3 hours.


Presented by


Springboard for the Arts

Get Directions

Victoria Theater Arts Center


Saturday, June 12, 7 - 10pm starting at Central Village Park, St. Paul, processing to Springboard for the Arts and Victoria Theater Arts Center.


Lelis K. Brito
(works) Minneapolis, Maracaibo, St. Paul.
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