Ananya Dance Theatre, in partnership with Penumbra Theatre, and with Frogtown Farm and Ua Si Creative, will activate St.Paul’s University Avenue in a performative processional on Saturday, 6/26, noon-2:30pm.

Beginning from Ananya Dance Theatre, Penumbra Theatre, Frogtown Farms, and Little Mekong Plaza, community members are invited to dance, make music, and share stories as they move rhythmically along University Avenue, offering peace and joy until they meet at the Rondo Peace Plaza.

This performance seeks to awaken the sacred along University Avenue, to commemorate the rich African-American economic and cultural legacy in Rondo, and to invoke Black, Indigenous, Asian, and Latinx solidarity.

This project is supported by the Joyce Foundation.

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Saturday, 6/26, noon-2:30pm
Ananya Dance Theatre
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