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The work of queer and trans artists is alchemic. We push a liminality to the fore that can be the moment of suspension, the held breath, the zenith at the arc of change. Our very presence evokes transformation & alchemy. Our work is a serious game. Our lives are a revelation. In a series of four durational performances, you are welcome to join members of Lightning Rod in our homes (digitally) as we slow down to the slowest we can go, but not to complete stillness. Over these four separate performances we will prepare, cook, consume and celebrate a meal.

Each performance will last three hours. Performances can be passively witnessed or guests can choose a number of options to engage in the scenario. The belly is a cauldron that transforms us from the inside out. Witness chemical reactions, thermal shifts, deconstructions, mastication, digestion, cellular respiration, and evacuation of food / matter / energy. Engage the flora in our guts. Come to the tableau.

Artist Bio: Lightning Rod began in 2017 as an annual intensive for queer artists, produced by Patrick’s Cabaret. Lightning Rod is now it’s own organism, led by three transgender Artistic Co-Directors: Keila Anali Saucedo, Marcela Michelle and Kat Purcell. We are dedicated to legacy, development and opportunities for queer and trans artists.

Conceived by Yoni Tamang, Marcela Michelle and Kat Purcell
Directed by Yoni Tamang and Kat Purcell
Performed by Marcela Michelle, Kat Purcell, Commarrah J. Yochanan, and aegor ray
Projections and Video by Maxwell Collyard
Sound Design by Juleana Enright (Bleak Roses)
Stage Managed by Suzanne Victoria Cross
Production Coordination by Keila Anali Saucedo

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Thursday, June 17 - Sunday, June 20 (8-11pm)


Lightning Rod
(b.) Minneapolis
(works) Minneapolis
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Kat Purcell
Marcela Michelle
Yoni Tamang
Keila Anali Saucedo
Commarrah J. Yochanan