Kallie Melvin and Eva Adderley,
Seed Paper Of Hope


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What plants a seed of hope? Is it a physical plant growing, a vision for the future, or an opportunity to connect with someone or far? 

Seed Paper Of Hope explores exactly that. This past year has been tumultuous for almost everyone. The pandemic has been deeply obstructive to art, joy, and community. This summer, MilkWeed Collective invites the community to grow our hope together. Certain neighbors in the Frogtown, Rondo, and East Side neighborhoods of Saint Paul will receive a whimsical envelope filled with love and hope. Inside, three pieces of seed paper are accompanied by a suggestion to write a wish on one piece and plant it yourself, mail one piece to a friend, and keep one to use for any other purpose. As the seed planted paper blooms, it will grow into our dreams of tomorrow.

Kallie Melvin is a Twin Cities based puppeteer, and teaching and performing artist. Kallie uses puppetry to tell personal stories which she shares with the community. Kallie is looking forward to Seed Paper of Hope as a way to share hope and connections with the community she grew up in St. Paul.

Eva Adderley is a multimedia artist and teacher. She has worked as a metalworker, seamstress, theater designer, illustrator, muralist, sculptor, and puppet-maker. She has worked with numerous art-creating and art-teaching organizations around the twin cities, including Barebones Puppets, Puppet Lab, Articulture, and Adventures in Cardboard.

This project includes text in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Somali.

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