Corinne Teed and Tia-Simone Gardner,
Collaborative Blocking: A Community Map

The places we live are always changing. Some changes are more obvious than others. This project invites neighbors to be outside again, in new ways, and share what they learn with one another. Rondo and Frogtown have thick histories of change, some traumatic, some joyful, some visible, some unseen. Do you sense these pasts as you live and move around the neighborhood? What kinds of things have you felt or heard here? As a chance to slow down in our everyday lives, Rondo-Frogtown neighbors will be mailed a map as an invitation to sense the places – past, present, and future, around them. The maps will contain locations, history, and directional prompts that guide participants to move through and re-examine the places they live. As residents drift through the neighborhood on their chosen routes, they will have the chance to share stories, photos, and audio clips about what they see, feel, smell, hear, and perhaps taste block by block.

Corinne Teed comes to the project with a history in printmaking, book arts, participatory projects and community organizing. Teed’s work engages diverse community voices around issues of ecology, queerness, indigenous history, and settler colonialism whether in video projects or print-based work.

Tia-Simone Gardner is a black-feminist scholar interested in geography, photography, drawing and time-based media. She is committed to telling stories about places and their pasts through her work. Gardner grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and has drawn Black Geographies to understand on the settler and extractive history of this place to understand race as a project of spatial control. She continues this work with her students in Saint Paul.


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